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The Theory Behind our Furniture

        We believe that there is a great void when it comes to finely crafted pieces of mission furniture. Production furniture fills the needs of many, but to the true connoisseur there is a need for something more than what is currently offered in production circles. We believe in furniture that is handcrafted of the finest, cherry picked white oak. We believe in workmanship and quality control that can only be achieved one way, and that is with a skilled craftsman who cares deeply for what he produces. We believe in a finish that feels like fine silks and allows the true beauty of the wood to shine through. These are principles that a production shop cannot uphold. These are the values of Black River Mission.

Our Design Principles

        The vast majority of pieces that we have sold throughout the years have been designed and built to fill what we thought to be a void in the current marketplace. We thrive on the ability to create and design pieces that inspire us, and our clients. We do, however, specialize in the design and construction of custom works. These have ranged from the smallest tabouret to the largest entertainment center. We have a very special place in our hearts for designing specifically to the taste of our clients. No detail is left untouched when it comes time to design and build custom pieces for a client.

Our Wood

        We use white oak as the primary material of our furniture construction. The majority of our white oak comes from local, renewable forests. We believe in using a renewable resource and causing a minimum of impact in the pursuit of our craft. We also believe in using the most beautiful white oak to bring the client the most beautiful piece of furniture possible. We primarily use "quarter sawn" white oak. This is a process by which the natural beauty of the white oak's grain can truly be harnessed.

Our Finish

        We use a hand rubbed aniline dye to stain our white oak furniture. Aniline dye permits the most transmission of grain through the finish, allowing the beauty of the wood to come through unobstructed. Then we hand rub copious coats of shellac, a natural and non-toxic finish which enhances the natural radiance of aniline-stained white oak. The final coat of finish is a citrus and beeswax treatment, providing a layer of protection to the shellac. This period finish, however beautiful, will fade in prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Our finish is not waterproof and certain measures must be taken to prevent exposure to water.